State of California Employee Pricing Program
Frequently Asked Questions

In the interest of expanding the California marketplace for Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV), several contracted dealers have offered a discount to State of California and local government employees interested in purchasing a ZEV for personal use.

  • Can I get a discount on any vehicle?
    Discounts are available on participating ZEV, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid vehicles only.
  • Which dealerships are participating?
    A list of participating dealers is located on pages 46 – 48 of the Drive Green Catalog.
  • Are vehicles required to be purchased in Sacramento or can I go to any dealership?
    In general, the vehicles can only be purchased from the Dealer listed on contract, with the exception of KIA and Hyundai ONLY. Kia and Hyundai have offered the State’s employees access to an online portal where employees can print a certificate to take to any dealership throughout California. This certificate gives the individual access to “no haggle” State contract pricing or better, depending on additional specials being run through the manufacturer at that time.
  • How much is the discount?
    Discounts vary by dealer and model. Please see pages 46 – 47 of the Drive Green Catalog for details.
  • Is there a delivery fee?
    For all vehicles purchased through Sacramento dealers, the freight/delivery is at no charge within Sacramento County. Vehicles may be purchased and delivered outside of Sacramento County for an additional delivery fee which varies per dealer. Contact the specific dealership for details and pricing options.
  • Do I need a special code to participate in the discount program?
    A PIN and certificate are required for Hyundais and a certificate for Kias. Otherwise, ask for the fleet contact at the dealership.
  • Why do I need a PIN number to purchase Hyundai Vehicles?
    Hyundai requires a PIN for each individual to create an online account, access its online portal, and print a certificate that participants may take to any Hyundai dealership throughout California and obtain discounted pricing with “no haggle”.
  • Where can I obtain a PIN?
    Send an email to to obtain a personal PIN number.
  • Do I need a certificate to purchase a KIA at the discounted price?
    Yes. Like Hyundai, KIA also offers an online portal where employees can print a certificate to take to any KIA dealership statewide and access discounted prices. Create an account and register at or email for step by step instructions to create an account.
  • How do I ask for the discount at other dealerships?
    Just ask for the fleet contact at the participating dealership.
  • Are there lease and/or finance options available or do I have to pay cash?
    Financing and Leasing options may be available and vary by dealership. Please contact the dealership directly for further details.
  • Are you able to choose which model you prefer? Can I get options?
    You may choose which ever option you desire; however, there may be additional costs for upgrades and adding additional options.
  • Where do I obtain a quote and discuss vehicle options?
    Contact the individual dealer directly.
  • Is this program ethically acceptable?
    The Fair Political Practices Commission has ruled that this program is appropriate since it is available to all state employees.