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California is reducing its environmental footprint through sustainable state government operations and practices including energy efficient state building design and construction, renewable energy generation at state facilities, environmentally preferable state purchasing, and sustainable state-owned vehicles.

Read more about California's Green Building Executive Order B-18-12 and Green Building Action Plan.

Green California News

Announcements / Press Releases

  • New Initiative Accelerates West Coast’s Drive for Electric Vehicle Fleet Purchases: CalEPA press release
  • New Website Tracks Progress Toward State’s Sustainability Goals: DGS press release

  • State Government to Continue Driving Greener Buildings: Calif. Buildings News

  • Green buildings deliver many climate benefits, study shows: Calif. Air Resources Board press release.

  • State employees traveling on state business can reduce their environmental footprint by staying at DGS-certified green hotels: DGS video.

  • State of California vehicle fleet among greenest in North America: DGS NewsWire

  • Guidelines released on enhancing energy efficiency in data centers and server rooms in state-owned and leased buildings: Management Memo 14-09.

  • Green Guide for Greener State Buildings: DGS NewsWire
  • California adds additional solar power at state facilities: state prison, hospital latest to use clean, renewable energy to meet climate goals. DGS NewsWire 
  • Guidelines released on standard operating procedures for energy management in state buildings: Management Memo 14-07.

  • Guidelines released on indoor environmental quality for new, renovated and existing state buildings: Management Memo 14-05 and water efficiency and conservation at state facilities: Management Memo 14-02

  • VIDEO: Greening the Golden State through Sustainable Government Operations: DGS Video