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  • New Initiative Accelerates West Coast’s Drive for Electric Vehicle Fleet Purchases: CalEPA press release
  • New Website Tracks Progress Toward State’s Sustainability Goals: DGS press release

  • State Government to Continue Driving Greener Buildings: Calif. Buildings News

  • Green buildings deliver many climate benefits, study shows: Calif. Air Resources Board press release.

  • State employees traveling on state business can reduce their environmental footprint by staying at DGS-certified green hotels: DGS video.

  • State of California vehicle fleet among greenest in North America: DGS NewsWire

  • Guidelines released on enhancing energy efficiency in data centers and server rooms in state-owned and leased buildings: Management Memo 14-09.

  • Green Guide for Greener State Buildings: DGS NewsWire
  • California adds additional solar power at state facilities: state prison, hospital latest to use clean, renewable energy to meet climate goals. DGS NewsWire 
  • Guidelines released on standard operating procedures for energy management in state buildings: Management Memo 14-07.

  • Guidelines released on indoor environmental quality for new, renovated and existing state buildings: Management Memo 14-05 and water efficiency and conservation at state facilities: Management Memo 14-02

  • VIDEO: Greening the Golden State through Sustainable Government Operations: DGS Video


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