Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Training

The Department of General Services has conducted in-depth LEED training for state government building professionals.

More than 500 individuals from several state agencies, as well as from numerous UC and CSU campuses, have participated in these training sessions including the most recent LEED classes, which are archived below.

LEED BD&C Training Schedule:

Monday, 5/4/09: Session One: Archive, Powerpoint, Quiz; Session Two: Archive, Powerpoint, Quiz

Monday, 5/11/09: Session Three: Archive, Powerpoint, Quiz

Monday, 5/18/09, Session Four: Archive, Powerpoint, Quiz
Monday, 6/1/09, Session Five: Archive, Powerpoint, Quiz
Monday, 6/8/09, Session Six: Archive, Powerpoint, Quiz

LEED BD&C v3.0 Transition Seminar - Changes from LEED NC v2.2:

LEED AP O&M Training Schedule:

Tuesday, 5/12/09: Session One: Archive, Powerpoint

Thursday, 5/21/09: Session Two: Archive, Powerpoint

Tuesday, 6/2/09: Session Three: Archive, Powerpoint
Tuesday, 6/23/09: Session Four: Archive available soon, Powerpoint
Tuesday, 7/7/09: Session Five: Archive, Powerpoint