Primary Responsibilities Chart for LEED NC v2.2 - EA Prerequisite 1 and EA Credit

Tasks Primary Responsibilities
If you are only meeting EA Prerequisite 1 If you are meeting both EAp1 and EA credit 3
Designate Commissioning Authority (CxA)  Owner or Project Team  Owner or Project Team 
Document Owner's Project Requirements (OPR)  Owner  Owner 
Develop Basis of Design (BOD)  Design Team  Design Team 
Incorporate commissioning requirements into the construction documents  Project Team or CxA  Project Team or CxA 
Conduct commissioning design review prior to mid- construction documents  NA  CxA 
Develop and implement a commissioning plan  Project Team or CxA  Project Team or CxA 
Review contractor submittals applicable to systems being commissioned  NA  CxA 
Verify the installation and performance of commissioned systems  CxA  CxA 
Develop a systems manual for the commissioned systems  NA  Project Team and CxA 
Verify that the requirements fort training are completed  NA  Project Team and CxA 
Complete a summary commissioning report  CxA  CxA 
Review building operation within 10 months after substantial completion  NA  CxA 

This chart outlines the primary responsible party to perform each of the different LEED commissioning requirements and whether they are shared between EAp1 and EAc3 or unique to one or the other. All individuals on the project team are encouraged to participate in the commissioning activities as part of a larger commissioning team.

Source: U.S. Green Building Council, LEED-NC version 2.2 Reference Guide, page 153 (EA P1)