Who Can Be the Commissioning Authority

Party Fundamental Commissioning Prerequisite Only [2] Enhanced Commissioning Credit [3]
<50k sf >=50k sf
1. Employee or subcontractor of Contractor with construction responsibilities   Y    
2. Employee or subcontractor, with construction responsibilities, of a Construction Manager (CM) who holds constructor contracts     Y    
3. Employee or subcontractor, with project design responsibilities, of the designer of record (A/E)    Y    
4. Disinterested [1] employee or subcontractor of Contractor or CM   Y  Y  
5. Disinterested employee of A/E   Y  Y  
6. Disinterested subcontractor to A/E   Y  Y  Y
7. Construction manager not holding constructor contracts   Y  Y  Y
8. Independent consultant contracted to Owner   Y  Y  Y
9. Owner employee or staff   Y  Y  Y

  1. "Disinterested" means an employee or subcontractor who has no project responsibilities other than commissioning.

  2. Fundamental Cx Prerequisite requirements (summary-see USGBC requirements for more detail):

    1. Designate a commissioning authority.
    2. Owner documents owner project requirements (OPR). A/E develops basis of design (BOD). CxA reviews.
    3. Develop and use commissioning requirements in construction documents.
    4. Develop and use a commissioning plan.
    5. Verify installation and performance of systems.
    6. Complete a summary commissioning report. 

  3. Enhanced Cx Credit requirements (summary): (the CxA individual must themselves do 2, 3; 6)

    1. Prior to construction documents phase designate an independent commissioning authority to oversee "all commissioning activities."
    2. CxA to perform review of OPR, BOD and design documents prior to mid-construction documents phase and perform a back-check.
    3. CxA to review contractor submittals.
    4. Develop a systems manual.
    5. Verify operator and occupant training.
    6. CxA to perform a post-occupancy review.

NOTE: The "all" in Enhanced Cx Requirement 1 means if one is seeking the Enhanced Cx credit, the same CxA perorming the Enhanced Cx tasks must also be in charge of the Fundamental Commissioning tasks.