The Commissioning Toolkit for In-House Commissioning of Small Buildings was developed by California's Department of General Services partially funded through a Public Interest and Energy Research (PIER) project by the California Energy Commission. The following individuals contributed to the development of this Toolkit:

  • Dan Burgoyne, DGS, Green Team
  • John Golemon, DGS, Green Team
  • Roy McBrayer, DGS, Green Team Eric Kolderup, Architectural Energy Corp. (AEC)
  • Erik Kolderup, Architectural Energy Corp. (AEC)
  • Lewis Dean, DGS, RESD, PMB
  • Dianne Elliott, DGS, RESD, PMB
  • Dennis Corellis, DGS, RESD, Professional Services Branch (PSB)
  • Stuart Carter, DGS, RESD, PSB
  • William Barnett, DGS, RESD, PSB
  • Howard Sacks, DGS, RESD, PSB
  • Rod Borgnogno, DGS, RESD, PSB
  • Bob Courtnier, DGS, RESD, PSB, Construction Services Section (CSS)
  • Charles Nelson, DGS, RESD, PSB, CSS
  • Jesus Cuevas, DGS, RESD, PSB, CSS
  • Linda McMullen, DGS, RESD, Building & Property Management Branch (BPM)
  • Lorrie Uribe, DGS, RESD, BPM
  • Norman Bourassa, California Energy Commission (CEC), Public Interest in Energy Research (PIER)
  • Martha Brook, CEC, PI